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Development and background

  Fujian DAYU Heavy Duty CNC Machine Tools Co., Ltd was established in 2006, in response to the government spirit to construct an important base at the southeast coastal area, the company moved to Fujian Nanan in 2008, and officially changed its name to "Fujian Dayu Heavy Duty CNC Machine Tools Co., Ltd.". The company quickly gathered a number of domestic talents who were engaged in producing various types of heavy precision CNC machine tools like design, manufacturing and other aspects of high-tech talent since company was established, it is good for the  company's development and R & D of high-precision, high efficiency Machine tools and provide a strong talent protective. MDY84 series of high-precision NC roll grinder; CNC vibration polishing machine; MK10, MGK10 series of high-precision CNC centerless grinder, MGK13 series of ultra-precision, high-precision, high reliability for their own market positioning, MTK84, MZK84, Cylindrical grinding machines are the  leading products. our machines were widely applied to grind the  work roll, support roll, calendering roll, dryer and other simple hyperbolic roller. At present, our machine can finish such as the CVC roller, CVC plus roller and other complex rollers' processing, And guarantee to achieve its convex grinding requirement

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